Nevada Illegal Substance Policy

Illegal Substances With or Without the Intent to Sell

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the largest entertainment cities in the world, and with 24/7 access to alcoholic beverages and other illegal substances in the casinos and on the streets, this city has a high attraction for illegal substances. Las Vegas is a popular destination for anyone wanting to drink, use drugs, gamble and party.

Suicides are 62 percent higher here than anywhere else in the U.S., and with the high numbers of tourists year ‘round, the party atmosphere draws many drug distributers to accommodate those seeking drugs.

The statutes for making illegal substances charges are defined as follows.

• NRS 453.337 stipulates that an individual who possesses any schedule I or II controlled substances, narcotics or other illegal drugs for sale can be arrested and charged with unlawful drug possession.
• NRS 453.338 is a statute defined as an individual who possesses any schedule II, IV, or V controlled substance, illegal drug or narcotic for the purpose of sale or distribution.

Arrests and Evidence

Law enforcement in Las Vegas is especially detailed when arrests are being made. Officers will search for illegal substances, but they will also look for evidence that leads to the distribution and sale of drugs. Paraphernalia such as scales, plastic bags, balances, packaging products, cash and other supplies are often found where drug sellers are found. The quantity of the drugs found can also be used to charge the offender with the possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

In many cases, a competent criminal defense lawyer can fight for a reduction in the charges, possibly to simple possession. Penalties are severe and typically based on the quantity of the drug to be sold, so contact an attorney.