Nevada Drug Trafficking Laws Carry Serious Penalties

iStock_000009178687XSmallLas Vegas convenience store owner Thamer Jarjee is facing drug trafficking charges under NRS 453.3385 after officials found 24 pounds of an illegal synthetic drug called spice in his store. The stash was discovered behind the counter of the 702 Mart on East Charleston Boulevard. Knowledgeable customers would come in to the store and ask for “incense” or one of the other known code names for spice in order to get the product.

Jarjee actually owns interests in three different convenience stores in the Las Vegas area. The drug trafficking charges against him have motivated officials to revoke his licenses to sell liquor at all of these locations. After making a deal with officials Jarjee is being required to sell his stores even though his felony drug trafficking charges are still pending.

NRS 453.3385 deals with trafficking in controlled substances. It defines many harsh penalties that can include fines and considerable jail time. Moreover, as is evidenced in the case of Thamer Jarjee, such charges can lead to even more serious consequences.

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