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Nevada Aggressively Prosecutes Fraud Charges

Las Vegas Embezzlement Attorney

Las Vegas Embezzlement Attorney

Hundreds of Nevadans have filed complaints with the FTC after being contacted on the phone by individuals claiming to work for the IRS. The call may pop up on caller id as the IRS, and the person on the other end of the line often provides a very legitimate sounding name and badge number. They aggressively demand immediate payment of an IRS debt, telling the victim that the IRS has discovered several years of missed tax payments.

It’s a frightening and reasonably well-executed scam that people in Nevada and elsewhere around the country fall for on a daily basis. Various Nevada laws like NRS 612, NRS 686A and NRS 205.760 deal with fraud. The penalties for being convicted of these charges can be quite severe. Many of those convicted have been forced to make restitution in addition to serving jail time and paying fines.

Don’t hesitate to hire a Nevada criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been accused under these laws. The authorities will do everything they can to make you appear guilty. In fact, it’s best if you refuse to speak to them at all without an attorney. Consult with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to protect your interests and your freedom. While it isn’t always possible to have the charges against you dropped, they may nonetheless be reduced.