You Need an Attorney If You’ve Been Charged with a Las Vegas DUI

It’s always surprising for a Nevada DUI defense lawyer to hear people question the need for their services. People who are arrested on suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the state may think that they don’t need a lawyer for many reasons. Usually, it’s because they believe that their case has only one outcome: A guilty verdict.

The reality is that multiple outcomes are possible with Nevada DUI arrests under chapter 484c. The only way that people limit themselves to a negative result is when they refuse to hire an attorney. This means that the justice system has everything going for it, including the police officer who made the arrest and an experienced prosecutor. All of these professionals, including the judge, work on dozens of DUI cases every year. Simply put, they have the process down to a science.

Contrast that with your experience. Unless you’ve been arrested on multiple occasions, you’re probably unfamiliar with much of the legal process. Going to court is nothing like what you see on TV and in the movies. In general, it’s a drawn-out, complicated process that requires enormous legal acumen to navigate successfully. After the arrest and the booking, there’s the arraignment, plea bargaining and preliminary hearings. If the matter cannot be settled at this stage, then a trial ensues.

Unfortunately, too many people wait until the trial phase to start looking for an attorney. The reality is that the sooner a DUI defense lawyer starts working on your case, the better the outcome you will probably get. In fact, a trial may be completely unnecessary.

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