Murder with a Deadly Weapon Charges May Mean Enhanced Penalties

female laying dead on a street alley with a knife murder weapon

An argument in a North Las Vegas home came to an abrupt end recently when a man shot his wife. Arthur Mattox called police after he shot the 70 year-old woman. He’s being held in the Las Vegas City Jail, and has been charged with murder with a deadly weapon under NRS 200.030.

Murder with a deadly weapon is a particularly serious charge. Those convicted under NRS 200.030 may be sentenced to spending the rest of their life in prison. In fact, Nevada law provides that the use of a deadly weapon makes a defendant eligible to receive an enhanced penalty. That’s why it’s essential for someone accused under NRS 200.030 to hire a competent Las Vegas criminal defense law firm as soon as possible.

The Potter Law Offices has practitioners who have defended people who were accused under NRS 200.030. They are accustomed to the challenges and complexities that attend such cases, and they are undaunted by media attention. The Nevada criminal defense lawyers at this office believe that every defendant deserves aggressive representation. That’s why they take their time with each case, conducting independent investigations and marshaling all of their legal knowledge to work for the defense of their client.

You deserve that kind of representation if you’re facing murder charges in Nevada. Contact the Potter Law Offices.