Murder is Death with Consequences

Murder is defined as the “attack against a person,” and it is by far the most serious criminal act that comes to trial. There are varying degrees of an “attack against a person,” some of which include manslaughter, attempted murder, trafficking, justifiable homicide, and self-defense, and the penalties take on the degrees of punishment to match the crime.

Typically, the defendant can be sentenced anywhere from 1 year to life imprison, and NRS 200 completely defines the different penalties that are associated with the charge. Certainly, the intentional death of a child is more than abuse and neglect combined.

Here is the story of little Abygail Bennet, the fourth homicide in Henderson this year.

Abygail, 3, was at home with her three brothers and sisters. Her 23-year-old father was in the house, but there is no news as to where her mother was.

At 11 am, the Henderson Police and Fire Department were called to the house, and Abygail was found unconscious and nonresponsive. She was immediately taken to St. Rose Hospital Siena Campus, and she was pronounced dead.

At about 6pm, her father, Justin Bennett was arrested without a struggle on open murder charges and was booked into the Henderson Detention Center, and he is awaiting trial.

The Las Vegas Sun released.the information from the autopsy, which reported that Abygail had suffered and died from a blunt force trauma to the chest. Further investigation found that Bennett had been home with the children the entire time. The remaining children are in the care of the children’s maternal grandparents.