Movie Crew Detained

Camera Crew Detained at Area 51

A UK camera crew was detained after illegally entering Area 51 last spring. The group was filming a documentary titled “Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs” for the BBC and crossed the well-marked boundaries establishing this military outpost, resulting in security guards calling a local law enforcement agency.

Twelve crew members arrived by bus to the Nevada desert, where they descended upon the rear gate of Area 51. Upon their arrival, these individuals noticed a small shack that was intended to house security guards. They did not notice anyone inside the building and proceeded to cross the boundary line and begin filming.

Although they hadn’t noticed security guards, these employees did notice them. They began making phone calls to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department detailing the trespassing incident. Meanwhile, the crew continued filming the area before finally knocking on the door of the security building.

After they approached the guards, these men forced the camera crew onto the ground where they were detained until law enforcement officials arrived. Their camera equipment and other personal effects were seized during the raid as well.

Members of the group were eventually fined $600 and then released on their own recognizance. Their video equipment was eventually returned; however, the crew states that all the data was wiped clean. The leader of the group later apologized for what he called an “overzealous attempt” to record unusual happenings at the military installation. He claims the trespassing incident was not staged for the purpose of creating publicity for the upcoming documentary.