More People Calling on Domestic Violence Organizations

domestic violence

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence recently released statistics that suggest an increasing number of domestic violence victims are seeking help from state-funded agencies. Most of the 40,000 people who relied on these services live in Clark County, but a significant number reside in Washoe County. Administrators working within these programs think that the Ray Rice domestic violence incident may have helped raise awareness, sparking a greater number of calls to their organizations in 2014.

Domestic violence is a sensitive issue that should be taken seriously. Nonetheless, NRS 200.485, which deals with battery domestic violence, is sometimes misapplied. If you are found guilty of violating NRS 200.485, the consequences are devastating. With fines, community service and jail time all on the table it’s important to secure competent legal representation.

Domestic violence charges in Nevada can derail a life and adversely affect the well-being of your entire family. The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are cognizant of the sensitive issues that surround accusations of domestic violence. They work carefully but vigilantly to defend their clients. With their assistance domestic violence charges have been reduced or dropped.

Defenses against Nevada domestic violence charges are available, but it’s best to start early by hiring a reliable criminal defense attorney.