Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Gun Rights in Nevada

Most people are aware that a felon generally is not allowed to own firearms. In fact, there are federal and state laws that make it illegal for felons to have guns. Fewer people know that individuals who are convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge also may have restricted gun rights.

Federal law makes it a crime for people who are convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence to own a gun. There are no exceptions to this strict law. This means that someone who is required to carry a firearm for their employment, such as some security guards, will have to find a new job that does not include the handling of guns. This law is commonly known as the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, and it is applicable to every state in the Union.

Under NRS 202.3657, adults who have obtained a permit may carry a concealed weapon. However, being convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence under NRS 200.485 will mean that your right to carry a concealed weapon has been revoked.

This means that anyone who is accused of misdemeanor domestic violence in Nevada has a vested interest in making certain that they don’t get convicted or that they get convicted of lesser charges that will not affect their gun-ownership rights. Enlisting the help of a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense attorney is vital for achieving this goal.

If the individual has already been convicted and several years have elapsed, then it may be possible to have the conviction expunged, which may be the first step toward restoring gun rights. Once again, the guidance of an experienced Nevada criminal defense lawyer like the practitioners at Potter Criminal Defense is indispensable for obtaining this outcome.

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