Medical Marijuana vs Possession

Bush of a hempMedical Marijuana vs. Possession of Marijuana

Medical marijuana and the possession of marijuana are not related in the eyes of the law. Medical marijuana has had the THC removed, so the user does not get a high from using it. It reduces chronic pain, and must have a prescription from a physician to be purchased.

So, don’t be confused about the use of either kind marijuana. Many believe that because they are in a “party town” they have a free license to use. The truth is that prosecutors in Nevada tend to be lenient concerning those arrested with less than an ounce. They have come to believe there is no reason to send an offender to jail for a small amount of their own personal use.  Just because they may be lenient, does not mean it is legal or there are no consequences.These are the penalties for possession of marijuana under an ounce.

• The penalty for a first or second offense is a fine of $600- $1200 and required to attend a drug treatment program. NRS453.3363, NRS 453.580; a misdemeanor.
• For a third offense the charge would be classified a gross misdemeanor with fines up to $2,000, and up to a year in Clark’s County jail.
• A fourth offense would be a category E felony. At this level, the judge may require up to $5,000 in fines and one-four years in prison. NRS193.130

If you are awaiting conviction on possession of any amount, it is absolutely crucial that you obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to aggressively negotiate in court. It is impossible to handle on your own. With arrests of more than an ounce, the penalties are category D felonies, with prison time as high as four years, and up to $20,000 in fines. A professional lawyer may be able to have the punishments lowered considerably.

The Potter Criminal Defense team are experts when it comes to dealing with those charged with possession of marijuana.