Medical Marijuana Uses in Las Vegas

Medical marijuana laws in Nevada continue to trip up many citizens. A better understanding of approved medical marijuana uses in Las Vegas may alleviate some of this confusion and help people to avoid finding themselves with legal problems. If you have been charged with a crime that’s related to medical marijuana use, then you need the assistance of a Nevada criminal defense attorney.

In November of 2000, Nevada voters approved the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. This amendment to the state’s constitution was an important one. Despite the legalization of medical marijuana in Nevada and other states, the substance remains an illegal one at the federal level. This conflict has led to a great degree of confusion and more than one legal entanglement.

NRS 453A.050 provides for the legal use of medical marijuana for people who have certain “chronic or debilitating” illnesses. These medical conditions can include cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Additionally, diseases that cause symptoms like severe nausea, spasms, seizures or severe pain may be treated with medical marijuana. People who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, may also be able to legally obtain and use marijuana.

In order to control access to and use of medical marijuana, Nevada’s government instituted a process through which citizens may apply for a medical marijuana card. Patients must pay certain prescribed fees as well as provide documentation of their qualifying illness. The applicant’s data like name, address and Social Security number are entered into the state’s medical marijuana registry. A background check is conducted in connection with each application.

If the application is approved, then a medical marijuana card is issued. This card enables the individual to possess, deliver or produce marijuana. Drug paraphernalia is also permitted, and so is aiding and abetting others in connection with delivering, possessing or producing marijuana.

Still, each of these acts is highly regulated, and there are certain things that the law does not permit. For instance, driving while under the influence of marijuana remains a crime for holders of medical marijuana cards. If you have fun afoul of Nevada’s medical marijuana laws, then it’s time to hire a criminal defense attorney.