Medical Marijuana or Standard Possession?

Bush of a hempThe Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Charges

Medical Marijuana is now in 25 states and Washington D.C., but that does not mean that marijuana or hash is legal for the average person. Unless the individual has a prescription from their physician, it is still against the Nevada law to grow, use, or sell cannabis in any form.

Here are several charges that involve illegal marijuana possession.

Marijuana Sale and Cultivation – NRS 453.321
Possession of Marijuana for Personal Use – NRS 453.336
Possession of Marijuana for Sale – NRS 453.337
Marijuana Cultivation – NRS 453.3393

So, there is a difference. Recently, two medical marijuana dispensaries were OK’d to begin operation in Las Vegas, even though Nevada voted medical marijuana into effect in the year 2000. Seven other dispensaries had petitions in but were postponed for a variety of reasons mostly due to construction problems. They will be fixing those issues and reapplying soon.

Las Vegas City Council approved Essence, which will be located on Las Vegas Boulevard and Oasis, which will be opened on Industrial Road near the Stratosphere.

The penalties for Marijuana possession for sale and cultivation are more serious, but the severity of the penalty depends on the amount that the defendant was arrested with. When you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, the outcome is going to be much better. At Potter Law Firm, we focus on getting the charge dropped or reduced. Contact Potter Law office to discuss the arrest and your rights.