Medical Malpractice in Nevada

Criminal handcuffed medical person with bloody injector in hand

Former physician Dipak Desai has been convicted on state and federal charges relating to massive Medicare fraud and causing a hepatitis C outbreak. Among the allegations against the doctor were accusations of routinely overcharging Medicare. Desai also pressured practitioners in his clinic to see unrealistic numbers of patients each day, resulting in a practice that was like an assembly line. Moreover, Desai was charged with using unsafe injection practices that resulted in thousands of people being exposed to hepatitis C. One of those patients died while hundreds of others now live with the disease.

Health insurance fraud is governed by NRS 422. Desai’s case is an egregious one, and he will be serving sentences in state and federal prison. If you’ve been accused of fraud under NRS 422, then it’s time to hire a dedicated Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

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