Mayhem, a Serious Charge in Las Vegas

Crime SceneWhat Does It Mean to Be Charged with Mayhem?

Everyone is familiar with the word “mayhem,” but fewer people are aware of the concept of mayhem as an illegal act. According to NRS 200.280, mayhem is defined as “unlawfully depriving a human being of a member of his or her body, or disfiguring or rendering it useless.”

Thus, charges of mayhem in Nevada can cover many injuries. A person who gouges out someone’s eye, disables a person’s tongue or bites off a portion of someone else’s nose may be guilty of mayhem. However, they must commit the act with malice. This requirement doesn’t necessarily cover the intention to maim another person in Las Vegas. If the defendant behaves in a way that makes disfigurement a natural consequence, then the court simply presumes that malice was present.

In addition to malice, mayhem charges in Las Vegas must cause a permanent injury. NRS 200.300 states that when an injury is only temporary and is likely to heal, then the defendant cannot be guilty of mayhem. They may instead be charged with assault and battery under Nevada law.

The reputable criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices have many ways to defend you against charges of mayhem in Nevada. Perhaps you didn’t act with malice or did not cause permanent disfigurement. These and other defenses are all available to people accused under NRS 200.280. Contact Potter Law Offices to learn more.