Marijuana Possession in Las Vegas

Bush of a hempMarijuana Possession Charges Deserve an Aggressive Defense

Statistics suggest that 40 percent of U.S. adults have tried marijuana at least once. This makes it the most frequently used drug in the country, and use of marijuana in Nevada is higher than in a majority of other states.

Perhaps this is why Nevada’s marijuana laws are hardly different from the laws governing cocaine and other “hard” drugs. It’s also why law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys are particularly aggressive when it comes to pursuing people who were caught with marijuana.

NRS 453.096 defines marijuana as nearly any portion of the cannabis plant. This can include seeds or resin that is extracted from the plant. However, the statute does not categorize the fiber produced from the plants or mature stems or sterilized seeds as prohibited. This is why items made from hemp, for example, are perfectly legal to possess and distribute.

Someone who possesses marijuana for their own use or who appears to be selling or cultivating it may be looking at serious consequences. The charges and potential consequences vary slightly based upon the suspect’s apparent intended use of the marijuana and how much they possessed at the time of arrest.

Even people who are caught with marijuana in their possession are entitled to an aggressive legal defense. Several defenses to charges of marijuana possession are available, and a seasoned Nevada criminal defense attorney can easily make use of these strategies. Marijuana charges are commonplace in Las Vegas. The experienced criminal defense team at the Potter Law Offices have helped many people resolve marijuana possession charges. Contact them today to have your case evaluated.