Marijuana Laws in Nevada

Overview of Nevada Marijuana Laws

The penalties for possessing marijuana in Nevada depend upon several factors. For minor offenses, the penalties are comparable to those that you would incur for violating traffic laws. People who cultivate, distribute and sell the drug Las Vegas are subject to more severe penalties.

Each year, Nevada law enforcement officials apprehend thousands of people for violating drug laws. The offender’s age, the amount of marijuana and the number of previous arrests will determine the severity of the charges. If the individual is younger than 21 and has less than one ounce in their possession, the typical penalty for a first offense is a fine up to $600 or the requirement to complete a drug treatment program. The second offense is also considered a misdemeanor, but the potential fine is $1,000. A third offense can lead to a one year prison sentence and a fine up to $2,000 for individuals over 21. A fourth arrest is classified as a felony. The offender can spend up to four years in prison and receive a fine up to $5,000.

Marijuana has hallucinogenic properties. Individuals who drive while under the influence of this drug are subject to a range of penalties. The penalty for the initial offense is the loss of driving privileges for 3 months and a fine that exceeds $1,000. The penalties will increase in conjunction with the number of subsequent offenses. A third offense could result in the loss of your license for three years, a fine that exceeds $5,000 and a prison sentence up to six years.

Cultivating and selling marijuana is a felony. The quantity of the drug determines the prison term and the fine. The jail time for a first-time offender can be up to 15 years.

If you are charged with possession or driving under the influence of a drug Las Vegas, you should seek immediate legal representation. Our legal team can ascertain the facts of the case. We will develop a defense strategy that is most appropriate for your situation.

Law enforcement officials must follow the correct procedures. They must respect your constitutional rights. We have the expertise to check the validity of the drug charges. If the marijuana wasn’t in your possession or you didn’t intend to sell the drugs, our staff will work to dismiss the charges. There are other potential strategies that we can use to obtain the most favorable possible judgment.