Manslaughter and Self Defense

How to Defend Manslaughter and Self Defense Issues

Another question that’s been asked deals with the situation where someone comes home and finds their wife in bed and whether they have the right to shoot the boyfriend of the wife and whether that’s a complete defense.  Certainly, in the state of Nevada, it is not a situation where the person is acting in self-defense.  Although, it could be a crime of passion that was not premeditated and would generally be a manslaughter-type charge.

However, you do have the right to act in self-defense and in the state of Nevada, they’ve recognized that it’s a subjective standard as to what is in the individual’s mind in acting in self-defense and it’s not an objective standard where somebody could actually look and make a determination of what a reasonable person would do.  But in this instance, I’s the actions that you perceive.  It doesn’t necessarily even have to be factually correct if you believe that the facts allowed you to believe that your life was in jeopardy or you were protecting the life of another loved one at that vicinity of the shooting.

So there are defenses that are available in murder situations.