Looks Like “The Juice” is Back at it…

New Controversy Surrounds O.J. Simpson

Nevada’s most famous prisoner, O.J. Simpson is making news again. This time, rumors are circulating that he has made a deal to sell the weapon he used to murder his ex-wife Nicole and her companion Ronald Goldman.

A source that claims to be close to Simpson leaked the news to tabloids, which quickly picked up on this story. According to this source, Simpson has held the murder weapon in a secret location in the Bahamas since the 1994 double homicide. He is now willing to sell it for the lofty price of $5 million.

How Simpson could have hidden the murder weapon for this long is a mystery. He was acquitted of the killings during a highly-publicized trial in 1995, and has consistently maintained his innocence since that time. He is currently serving a prison term for a 2007 armed robbery that happened in Las Vegas.

This is not the first time Simpson has faced controversy surrounding the murders. In 2006 he made plans to pen a book about the murders titled “If I did it”. This book was to detail how he would have killed the couple had he been the actual killer. He also applied for patents that would have allowed his name to be used on the handles of kitchen knives, but that deal never materialized.