Lewdness with a Minor in Las Vegas

Lewdness with a Minor under 14 is a Serious Offense in Las Vegas
Child sexual abuse and child molestation are both defined as Lewdness with a Minor under 14 (NRS 201.230), and are Class A Felonies. Nevada law defines this law as “committing a lewd or lascivious act upon the body or any part of the body of a child under the age of 14 with the direct purpose of sexual gratification.”When there is no penetration, the defendant can be arrested for lewdness by itself, and the charge is automatically considered rape when the defendant has sex with a child fifteen or younger even if the child consents.

If the defendant is convicted of Lewdness with a minor under 14, it is mandated for the defendant to register with the Nevada Sex Offender Registry, and typically that is for life. It is important to know that a person may be convicted even if they were not touching a sexual organ because it is an invasion. NRS 201.230 specifically includes anal sex, “fingering”, sexual intercourse, oral sex and penetration with an object.


Nevada is serious about the sexual abuse of their children. For the first offense, the penalties are:

[trx_list style=”iconed” icon=”icon-star-1″]
[trx_list_item]Life in the Nevada State Prison with the possibility of parole in 10 years. But if the defendant has prior convictions of comparable sex offenses, no parole is available.
[trx_list_item]Registry in the Nevada Sex Offender Registry for life.[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Fines up to $10.000[/trx_list_item]

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