Lewdness Charges Bring Considerable Penalties

Local police are on the lookout for a Hispanic man who they say may be guilty of lewdness in a public place. The incident allegedly took place at an east valley business on May 19.

Details in the case are sketchy. If the police find the suspect, he may be charged under NRS 201.210 for open or gross lewdness. This law can encompass a number of acts. For instance, a person who exposes their private parts in a public place may be charged as could people who engage in public sexual activity. As you might expect, the definition of open or gross lewdness is broad.

For instance, a couple that gropes each other and is making out heavily in a local bar could be facing charges under NRS 201.210. Charges could be brought even if the couple didn’t mean to cause offense. All it takes is one person, perhaps an employee or a customer in the back corner, to make a complaint to local police about the behavior.

Anyone who is charged with a violation of NRS 201.210 may be facing considerable problems. One year in jail, $2,000 in fines and registration as a sex offender may be only the beginning. Call the Potter Law Offices if you need representation against Nevada lewdness charges.