Let’s Reduce Crime the Halloween!

Vigilance Needed to Reduce the Odds of Halloween Crime

There’s some debate as to whether or not crime actually increases on Halloween. While no one can be quite sure, police and neighborhood watch groups nonetheless are apt to make their presence known in an effort to keep everyone safe.

One of the things that make police officers nervous this time of year involves people in costume. While the majority of them are just having fun, it’s difficult to tell whether some of them may have ulterior motives in mind. Some costumes also make it easier for perpetrators to hide drugs, weapons or other contraband items and then use them in sinister ways.

The fact that youth sometimes play pranks is also cause for concern. While many of these pranks are harmless, others involve vandalism, and could result in serious property damage. Teenagers are much less likely to damage property if they know they are being watched, which is why private security guards are often out in full force on Halloween.

Alcohol use is also up on Halloween, which means officers have to worry more about domestic violence, underage drinking, and public disturbance calls than they would any other time of the year. In many areas, this leads to an increase in DUI arrests as well.

While an increased presence is necessary, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recognizes it may not be as easy as they would like due to a shortage in the number of officers. Instead, they are counting on private security officers and the public at large to remain watchful and report crime as it occurs.