Let a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With Nevada Burglary Charges

Burglary is defined under NRS 205.060, and being found guilty of this crime leads to serious consequences. This law covers plenty of territory, including that it is a crime to intend to commit burglary. Clearly, prosecutors take burglary seriously, and so should you if you are facing these charges.

State law defines burglary as the act of entering a home, business or other structure with the intention to commit larceny or assault and battery. Obtaining money or property by false pretenses also is covered by NRS 205.060. Whether or not the suspect succeeded in assaulting a victim or stealing some money or property is almost beside the point. Some suspects get arrested simply for being where they shouldn’t be. Then, the prosecutor has the burden of proving the defendant’s intent, which is not always easy to do.

Many defendants mistakenly think that if they did not “break into” a home or commercial structure that they did not commit a crime. However, people have been charged with burglary after entering a structure through an open, unlocked door or even being invited inside by the occupant. Once again, the prosecutor has to prove that the defendant entered the building with the intent of committing a crime in order to prevail in court.

A felony burglary conviction in Nevada brings harsh consequences. Prison sentences of between one and 10 years are possible, with fines of as much as $10,000. When a deadly weapon like a gun is used or present during the crime, then the prison sentence may be anywhere from two to 15 years.

No one should have to face Nevada burglary charges alone. Not securing legal representation can mean losing years of your life and thousands of dollars. With the help of an aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to have burglary charges reduced or completely dropped.