The Legal Impact of Placing Illegal Activities on Social Media Sites

Uploading Illegal Videos onto the Intrnet Could Get You Arrested

Many people nowadays enjoy sending videos on social media sites as well as on Youtube of everything in their lives. If this sounds familiar, fantastic, because everybody loves a good video, but among the types you should not upload are illegal activities.

It is not uncommon to find videos showing underage teens drinking alcohol or smoking pipes, but displaying actions like those and sharing other individuals committing more serious crimes such as robberies and vandalism, this could lead to an arrest.

Illegal videos should not be displayed on the Internet at all, but many people justify it by saying “the police will never catch me.” This is just not true anymore because police departments are using the Internet to catch and convict criminals.

YouTube generally accepts any type of video, so it is recommended that you read the information provided for YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook concerning the operation of the sites. YouTube will work with authorities especially in cases involving abuse, kidnapping or sexual assaults. Police departments are using the Internet in solving more and more crimes.

It may be tempting to want to shoot something that you saw on T.V. last night but refrain from making any videos showing illegal activity. To find the website’s information on how illegal material is handled, visit the online help center available.