Legal Defenses to Las Vegas DUI Charges

When people come to Potter Criminal Defense to fight DUI charges in Las Vegas, it isn’t unusual for them to feel hopeless. Most of them admit to having had a drink before getting behind the wheel, which makes them think that the police have them dead to rights. However, a skilled DUI attorney in Nevada knows that there are many defense options available.

One common defense is to argue that the stop was unlawful. In these cases, the attorney is able to prove that the police officer did not have a valid reason for making the traffic stop. If this argument is successful, then the evidence collected during the stop must be considered inadmissible.

Another defense that helps many Nevada drivers is the argument that the field sobriety tests were faulty. Field sobriety tests have been used for decades to test the impairment of drivers. However, numerous factors can affect the results the officer gets. When it comes right down to it, the results of these tests can be quite subjective, and that may work in the defendant’s favor.

Most people know that if they are arrested on suspicion of DUI, then the police will probably take a breath or blood test to determine their level of intoxication. What they don’t know is that these results do not always deliver an accurate measure of the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration. A seasoned Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer may be able to call these results into question.

These and other defenses are all available to defense attorneys who want to limit the consequences that their client is facing as much as possible. Contact Potter Criminal Defense to learn more about defense strategies that can help your case.

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