Leaving Las Vegas Without Paying Your Marker? Think Again…

casino-marker1Don’t Leave Vegas Without Paying Your Marker 

Millions of tourists come to Las Vegas every year to play the casinos. Nevada is the only state where casino markers are treated both as a civil and criminal crime. State laws have made it difficult for tourist or locals, and the trouble arises when the person tries to leave Las Vegas without paying in their markers. The people who try to get away with not paying their debts will have penalties matching those in check fraud.The reason that fraudulent checks and marker debt cause problems is that typically casinos do not perform detailed credit checks before issuing casino markers. Because of this, customers can go way beyond their marker limit before they are called in, but if you know that there is not enough money in your account, this is considered intended fraud under Nevada law.

Penalties for Casino Marker and Check Fraud

• NRS 616D.300 is defined as “making false statements to obtain benefits,” This is a misdemeanor, but has higher penalties if charged as a felony.
• NRS 205.090 is defined as forgery using counterfeit records with the intent to defraud. Penalties include one-four years in prison and fines up to $5,000. This is a category D felony, and often has Identity theft and misrepresentation of asset charges with the forgery charge.
• NRS 205.380 explains obtaining money by false pretenses. Trickery is used to obtain money from people. This is a misdemeanor with a $250 fine.
• NRS 205.130 defines writing a bad check because a casino marker is similar to a bad check and can refer to casino markers.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer from Las Vegas is beneficial to managing the case. There are options available to deal the charges.