Lawmakers in Las Vegas Seeking to Help Arm Teachers?

Nevada Lawmakers Support Arming Teachers

In order to curb school violence, two lawmakers here in Nevada are backing a proposal that would allow school officials to become armed. It’s just one of the many ideas being considered to improve school safety and champion the rights of gun owners throughout the state, as crime decreases in areas where gun ownership is high.

So far, no bill has been introduced into the Nevada legislature concerning guns in public schools, but lawmakers are carefully toying with the idea of doing so. There has however been a bill introduced that would allow college students to carry guns on campus. That bill was introduced by Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, who would also support a bill allowing teachers to carry handguns in schools that serve grades K through 12.

Senator Don Gustavson, R-Sparks, co-sponsored Fiore’s bill. He agrees that allowing teachers to be armed would increase school safety. According to Gustavson, allowing guns in public schools would make potential shooters leery about entering a building since they know there would be a good chance someone there is armed.

In neighboring Utah, it seems that teachers there are already concerned about protecting themselves and their students by being armed in the classroom. Several ranges in that state have began offering free shooting lessons for teachers, and to date they have had an overwhelming response to this offer.

School safety is a top concern for everyone whether they are a Democrat or Republican. Perhaps it’s time to examine whether gun-free school zones truly keep our children safe or make them sitting targets for active shooters.