Las Vegas White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime is Actually more Common than you Think 

White collar crime has received renewed attention recently, as more and more people are becoming concerned about what the government and large corporations do behind closed doors. White collar crime is that which is normally committed via some type of fraud, and can include money laundering, wire fraud, embezzlement, or any one of a number of similar acts. 

There’s a common perception that white collar crime is tied to organized crime. That’s not always the case, as there are plenty of instances in which white collar crime is carried out by ordinary people in the course of their everyday activities. A good example would be an accountant who “cooks” an employer’s books for personal gain without his or her knowledge.

Innocent people can also be accused of white collar crime, as evidence may be “planted” on someone in order to make him or her appear guilty. Snitches sometimes provide unreliable information to police as well in an effort to shift blame from themselves. The presumption of innocence is the foundation of our legal system, and attorney Cal Potter of the Potter Law Firm will fight hard to ensure the state of Nevada proves its case using solid evidence that has not been tainted.