Las Vegas Wedding Scam

Fifty-three Couples the Target of Wedding Scam

Many people envision coming to Las Vegas to enjoy a dream wedding. That dream is now a nightmare for 53 couples who have been the victim of a scam perpetrated by a local wedding venue.

Griffin Mansions was shut down in May 2012 due to several health code violations and the fact that owners did not have the proper licenses. Even though they closed their doors, the owners of Griffin Mansions nonetheless continued booking weddings, some as far out as 2014. To make matters worse, those who were frauded by the owners were not refunded the money they paid the couple for the use of their facilities.

In July 2012, the troubled company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This prompted a heated response from dozens of couples, many of whom had paid the business thousands of dollars, yet were not notified of the venue’s closing. An undercover investigation shortly thereafter revealed the mansion was still giving tours to prospective brides who wished to book their wedding at that location.

While the undercover investigation by news teams show evidence of fraud, the owners of Griffin Mansions have yet to face any criminal charges for their unscrupulous actions. They could however be the target of numerous lawsuits, not only from jilted brides and grooms, but the catering staff, florists and photographers who were promised revenue they would never have been able to collect.