Las Vegas Urban Legends of Crime

Urban Crime Legends Abound in Vegas


Urban crime legends abound here in Vegas. Perhaps you’ve heard a few of them and are wondering whether or not they are true. While they make great conversation, there is absolutely no basis to many of them at all.Some of the biggest urban legends have to do with dead bodies. A popular story involves a man and his wife who notice a horrible stench in their hotel room and set out to investigate its cause. In doing so, they located a corpse that has been shoved between the mattress and box springs. Rumors have also circulated that there are seven dead bodies buried in the concrete at Hoover Dam. Neither one of these urban legends are true.

Some time ago, talk of organ stealing in Vegas began being rampant. The legend goes that a tourist had a few drinks at a Vegas club, and later woke up in a hotel bathtub covered in ice. He found a note nearby advising him to call an ambulance. Upon being taken to the hospital, doctors informed him that one of his kidneys had been removed, apparently so it could be sold on the black market. This legend also has no basis.

With so many crime legends circulating, it can be difficult to tell the truth from reality. If you believe you have witnessed a crime, contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.