Las Vegas Trial Attorney

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When someone has been arrested and charged with a serious felony, they will automatically be taken to jail to establish the charges and the bail. At that point, it is important to arrange for a bond quickly and not to waste time so that you can obtain a talented and experienced trial lawyer.

The Potter Law Firm, which is located in Las Vegas, is skilled in handling the most difficult of cases. Cal Potter is an expert trial attorney, a talent he has developed over the past 30 years here in Nevada and in other states. He is committed to protecting the rights of those who have been accused of crimes such as felony drug charges, casino markers and fraud, violent crimes or those who have been injured by no fault of their own.

With thousands of successful cases to his credit, Mr. Potter has the knowledge and talent of identifying details that are often overlooked, which he can then use on the client’s behalf as he presents the case in court. If you are the one who has been charged, it is necessary to contact a trial lawyer as soon as possible because evidence has a way of disappearing. When the Potter Law Firm is contacted quickly, they are able to come together and focus on the client’s behalf.

The Potter Law Firm is not a large firm, but rather a group of skilled legal assistants that have the experience in precision research. This is beneficial for the client because their case will be focused on intensely until Mr. Potter has all the vital facts that he needs to go ahead with the trial.

When your life is in turmoil, contact Cal Potter for a free consultation as soon as possible. Located in Las Vegas, an appointment will be scheduled to discuss your case and learn your rights.