Las Vegas Shoplifting Lawyer

Possible Consequences for Shoplifting in Nevada 

Shoplifting is typically thought of as the wrongful taking of merchandise from a retailer. However, Section 597.860 of the Nevada Revised Statute describes it as also happening whenever an adult damages property on a merchant’s premises, and allows for civil damages in addition to criminal charges in that instance.

Merchants who believe merchandise has been wrongfully taken may detain suspects pursuant to calling the police. Finding unpaid for merchandise is not enough to bring charges, as the suspect must have intentionally stolen items in order to qualify. An honest mistake in forgetting to pay for something does not constitute an illegal act under Nevada law.

If the amount of property in question is $650 or more, grand larceny charges may be brought instead. The offense then increases to a felony act, with significantly higher fines and penalties.

Those who have been arrested for shoplifting should seek advice from an attorney, who can then advise them as to their rights. Many times, it’s possible to plead to a lesser offense or have charges thrown out altogether. The law also tends to be more lenient on juveniles than adults, so youth may be able to avoid jail time completely. Help is available by contacting the Potter Law Firm.