Las Vegas Sealing of Records

Sealing Court Records

Record sealing is the process that legally restricts public access to documents associated with a case in the legal system. Examples include arrests, acquittals, convictions and dismissals.

The practice enables individuals to get a fresh start without the burden of their previous criminal record. After the court approves your request, it is deemed that the event never occurred. According to Nevada Statute 179.285, you are not required to disclose the matter on employment applications. The state keeps the records in the event that you are involved in future legal proceedings or certain agencies need access to your files, such as the Gaming Commission.

The process to seal records can differ between jurisdictions. It also varies between civil and criminal proceedings. To ensure that your request is handled correctly, you need the assistance of a veteran criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas. It’s important that you have someone on your side who has extensive experience in this area of Nevada law.
Contact our office for a thorough review of your case. The court will use specific criteria to determine your eligibility for relief under this legal process. An important factor is whether your case meets the statutory requirement. The waiting period for convictions depends upon the category of the offense.

Our legal team can start the process immediately following an acquittal or dismissal. If you meet the criteria, we will assemble the required documents and file the petition to seal your records.