Las Vegas Police Seeking Transparent Reporting Involving Officers

Las Vegas Metro Seeks Transparency in Operations

There are naturally lots of questions in the public’s mind whenever police officers are involved in a shooting. In an effort to make the Las Vegas Police Department more transparent, details about officer-involved shootings are now being released to the public via the agency’s website.

The decision to release details about officer shootings comes after a coroner’s inquest earlier this year. At the present time, only non-fatal incidents are being reported, but that could change as time goes on. Details about shootings are made public whenever they no longer have the ability to impact any pending criminal cases.

Reports that are made available to the public have first been reviewed by the Office of Internal Oversight, a division of the metropolitan police department, and may also be reviewed by the local District Attorney’s Office. Some of the details that are made available to the public include a synopsis of the event along with commentary from the Use of Force Review Board.

Since incidents cannot impact a criminal case and must first be reviewed by multiple entities, it may still take some time before information about a shooting is available to the public. The first incident was made a part of the public record earlier this month, and it takes back to March of this year.

It is nice when our local authorities are seeking transparency as we can rest more easily as citizens that the hard working Metro Police force have our backs.