Las Vegas Pizza Bandit

Recalling the Las Vegas Pizza Bandit Although it happened nearly a decade ago, one of the funniest “dumb criminal” stories in Vegas continues to be told today. Back in 2005, a man named Alejandro Martinez was arrested for robbery, a crime defined in Chapter 200.380 of the Nevada Revised Statute. The evidence that led to his arrest was surprisingly enough a job application. Police say Martinez entered a Papa Murphy’s pizzeria in Las Vegas on May 25, 2005 and asked for a job application. He then ordered pizza, sat down at a table and began filling out his application.

Some time later, he pulled out a gun and began demanding money from the cashier. The employee complied, handing Martinez more than $200, which he then shoved into his pocket. After stealing the money, he then ran outside and into a waiting getaway car, hoping never to be seen again. Even so, a witness was able to follow him outside and jot down the license plate number of the car he departed in.

To make matters worse, Martinez had left his job application, which included his actual name, address, and phone number on the table where he had been sitting. Police matched the information written on this application to data they obtained from tracking license plate number in order to catch up with the bandit. This goes to show how the careless actions of a criminal can land him or her in hot water.

Crimes such as these are punishable by between two and fifteen years in prison.