Las Vegas Pandering and Prostitution Overview

Overview of Las Vegas Adult Entertainment

There is a lot of debate and discussion surrounding the sex industry and prostitution in Las Vegas. Although 10 Nevada counties authorize licensed brothels, Clark County is not one of them. Therefore, despite popular belief to the contrary, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. There is the fear within the community that legal prostitution may spread or that it will encourage illegal activities in the counties where prostitution and brothels are not authorized. There is a fine line between many aspects of the adult erotic services industry and the illegal sex trade. As a result, law enforcement organizations devote an extensive amount of resources to combat the spread of illegal prostitution by targeting legal establishments and their workers as a means of uncovering potentially illegal activities.

Numerous adult entertainment businesses operate legally in Las Vegas. Widespread undercover sting operations by law enforcement agencies occur regularly on the Las Vegas Strip in an effort to apprehend individuals involved in a variety of criminal activity. These operations often target legal massage and escort services because of the suspicion that they may be engaging in borderline activities. Police focus on the customers, the owners of the establishments and the workers. Individuals are then charged with solicitation, pandering and prostitution Las Vegas. The stigma of these operations is then attached to all workers in the profession and results in a cloud of suspicion over everyone involved in the adult entertainment industry. This often includes workers being banned from casinos under the belief that they may be there to engage in prostitution in Las Vegas. It is essential that you follow the law when engaging in your profession.

There is a ban on advertising brothels and prostitution in the counties where they are not authorized. Some counties strictly enforce the ordnance while others do not. In either case, you can be arrested by an undercover police officer for passing out flyers for these establishments on the Las Vegas Strip. The penalties can range from a small fine to jail time based upon whether it is a first or subsequent offense.

You should contact an experienced defense attorney if you have been accused of solicitation, pandering or prostitution in Las Vegas.