Las Vegas Muggings on the Strip?

Avoid Muggings while on the Vegas Strip

Muggings and purse snatchings on the Vegas strip increase during the Christmas season. From now until the end of the year, you’ll want to take extra precautions whenever you’re out and about in order to avoid being a victim.

You’re more likely to be chosen as a target if you appear to be unaware of your surroundings. Be sure to walk confidently and glance from side to side as you are moving about. Make eye contact with everyone you meet and be sure to voice a greeting to them so they’ll know you’re not intimidated.

It will be harder to stay aware of your surroundings if you’re talking or texting on your cell phone. Avoid letting your mobile device preoccupy you while you’re strolling the Vegas strip. Wait until you are safely inside a well-lit public area before returning phone calls and text messages.

Experts advise never going anywhere alone unless it is absolutely necessary. Being in a group is a good way to protect yourself from being a mugging victim, as criminals often do not want to risk confronting a group. If you must go somewhere alone, it can be helpful to carry a whistle and pepper spray so you can alert authorities while also warding off an attack.

Prevention is often the key to avoiding being a crime victim. The next time you’re touring the city, keep these tips in mind so you can decrease the odds of becoming another mugging statistic. This effort can be extremely worthwhile for you in the long run.