Las Vegas Moon Landing Hoax?

Did Vegas play a Part in a Moon Landing Hoax?

The 44th anniversary of the moon landing has just passed; however, many people still believe it to be a hoax. There are many theories as to how this hoax was perpetrated, with one of the most famous ones involving the moon landing being shot in the Nevada desert.

Author Bill Kaysing wrote a book entitled “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle” in 1976. In this book, he claims that astronauts were filmed entering the Saturn V rocket, but that they escaped through a secret high-speed elevator. Lost transmission signals also help to cover their escape.

After disembarking, Kaysing claims that the astronauts were then flown to Vegas, where they enjoyed a buffet on the 24th floor of the Sands Hotel. A few days later, they were taken to a fake moon set some eighty miles outside of Vegas, and this is where the moon landing was eventually filmed.

The alleged spot where the landing was shot has been dubbed “Saint George”. Several websites claim to have footage of the Apollo astronauts talking with one another during the filming of the fake landing. Whether you believe this theory or not, it does leave you wondering whether or not Vegas could have played a part in what many believe to be one of the biggest conspiracies ever.