Las Vegas Homicide Attorney

criminal6Homicide is arguably the most serious legal issue one can face.  Not only is the individual’s finances and reputation at stake, but also their very freedom is at risk. For some cases, even the death penalty can be assessed against the accused of this violent crime.

Nevada has seen 11 cases which have applied the death penalty.  Unknown to most people, there are over 80 prisoners awaiting the same fate in death row.  Cal Potter has obtained innocent verdicts in homicide cases in Nevada.  Having an experienced legal team, like the Potter Law firm, can make the difference between going to prison or obtaining an innocent verdict.

When representing someone accused of homicide, criminal defense attorney Cal Potter will thoroughly go through all the evidence and assess the credibility of witnesses called in your case. Our experienced legal team will not rest until you or your loved one gets the justice you deserve!

You or a loved one may be facing charges which are confusing or scary to you, some of these charges may include:

[trx_list style=”iconed” icon=”icon-star-1″]
[trx_list_item]1st degree murder – The act of killing a person with malicious intent and forethought.[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]2nd degree murder – Any act of murder not considered 1st degree[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]3rd degree murder – A synonym for manslaughter in some legal circles.[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Voluntary manslaughter – The unlawful killing of a human being without malicious intent or forethought.  This could be a crime of passion, a situation where where there was a killing during an unlawful act, or an act that happened during a lawful activity (such as driving) but there was a circumstance which made it different than a normal accident (like Texting)[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Involuntary manslaughter – The act of killing another human being without malice, intent or forethought.[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Vehicular manslaughter – The act of unintentionally killing a human being during the act of driving without intent or malice[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Attempted murder – The act of unsuccessfully trying to kill another person.  This charge differs from aggravated assault in that intent is assessed and the accused is believed to have wanted to kill another person rather than simply injure another person.[/trx_list_item]

If you are in Las Vegas and have homicide charges pending against you or a loved one, time is not on your side.  It is absolutely critical to get a qualified criminal defense attorney on your side as quickly as possible.  There is too much at stake with these charges pending against you.  Call the Law Office of Cal Potter to obtain qualified and experienced legal help in your homicide case!