Las Vegas Hit and Run With DUI

Las Vegas Hit and Run After Drinking Overview

Another issue that has come up is whether an individual should report themselves – or what should they do if they’ve been in a situation where they were under the influence, hit a parked vehicle and left the scene?  One of the most important things is that you contact an attorney when you have a situation that arises where you really don’t know the correct answer and you want to have the ability to not further complicate what was a situation that has now escalated

The attorney can guide you and accompany you to a police station for the purposes of reporting an accident, but making sure under the advice of counsel that you do not make a statement or incriminate yourself.  The police won’t be able to determine whether, in fact, a hit and run has taken place and whether you’re the individual that necessarily was involved, the duty is to report the accident and not necessarily incriminate yourself.  Certainly, there would be no basis for making any statement about driving under the influence.