Las Vegas Hit and Run Offenses

car-crashIn Nevada, a Hit and Run Requires the Driver to be Responsible

A hit and run is a serious offense because it is always focused on an accident where there have been injuries or death. Someone who doesn’t stop is guaranteeing that the situation will get worse. A hit and run is as much a moral dilemma as it is an escape from the criminal charges that may follow. That is why it is important to secure a good criminal defense lawyer early. Potter Criminal Defense always has your best interests, so call at 702-997-1774.

On November 24, Las Vegas Police Department reports Galina Kilova, 29, hit Michael Grubbs, a grandfather who was pushing his granddaughter in a stroller. Galina Kilova then drove off, and Mr. Grubbs died on the scene. At that time, Kilova was jailed in connection with the accident.

Kilova had entered the country from Bulgaria on a non-immigrant visa which expired in 2008. Among other fears, she desired to stay in the country, so she had fled. On December 2, she turned herself in to authorities with her lawyer and confessed that she had hit Mr. Grubbs. She is pleading guilty, and the trial for this deadly accident is scheduled for February, 2015.

Definition of a Hit and Run

The definition for a hit and run in Nevada, according to NRS 484 is failing to stop at the scene of an accident that involves death or personal injury. After you have stopped or returned to the scene, here is the information required by the state to exchange with the other party.

• Name
• Address
• Proof of registration
• Driver’s license