Las Vegas Hazing Charges

In some organizations hazing is a tradition. When new members join a fraternity or team, they almost expect it. The trouble is that sometimes these traditions go too far. That’s why Nevada state law includes section NRS 200.605, which provides penalties for hazing.

According to NRS 200.605, hazing occurs when the physical health of an individual is intentionally or recklessly endangered by another. Hazing can include forcing someone to exercise, compelling them to drink alcohol or take drugs, depriving them of sleep or beating them.

Some organizations consider such rituals to be “all in good fun.” That is usually the intent, and the criminal defense team at Potter Law Offices doesn’t believe that youthful high spirits should leave a black mark on a person’s record. Any person who participated in a hazing ritual and has been charged under NRS 200.605 deserves a vigorous legal defense.

Las Vegas criminal attorneys have a number of defenses that can be made against charges under NRS 200.605. For instance, the plaintiff may not be able to provide sufficient evidence that hazing actually occurred. A defense attorney may also be able to argue that the behavior did not rise to the level of hazing or that the allegations are simply false.

Considering the rather substantial penalties that can go with a conviction under NRS 200.605, it only makes sense to contact the Potter Law Offices.