Las Vegas Gang Activities Require Early Intervention

Risk Factors for Gangs Indicate need for Early Intervention

Gangs are becoming ever more prominent here in Vegas. Certain youth are more likely to become involved in gangs than others are, which means early intervention should be established whenever possible in order to prevent this from happening.

The neighborhood one lives in often plays a role in gang recruitment. Impoverished neighborhoods tend to have a higher than average population of gang members in them, because there are fewer social and economic opportunities available. A high presence of gangs or drugs makes it more likely that youth in that area will later become involved in these groups as they grow older.

Children who are the product of broken families are also at an increased risk. This is especially true when there are no adult male role models in a particular household. When parents suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, a child may sometimes turn to gangs in order to receive the attention they are lacking at home.

Those who do not do well in school are more likely to join gangs because they can become discouraged with their academic progress and decide to drop out. Their behavior may indicate problems long before this happens, as many youth will become truant, antisocial or disruptive, thereby leading to academic declines that lead them to consider gang involvement.

If you know youth with any of these risk factors, early intervention could prevent them from beginning a lifetime of criminal activity. The Clark County Parks and Recreation Department has a gang intervention team as do several area churches and non-profit organizations.

If you have been charged with crimes related to suspected gang activity, call the Potter Criminal Defense team to protect your rights today!