Las Vegas Food Stamp Scam

Current EBT Scam Targets Nevada Business Owners 

Small business owners who accept EBT, aka “food stamp” benefits should be aware of a new scam that is being perpetrated here in Nevada. The Department of Business & Industry lists current scams on its website, and has provided information about one that deals with stealing EBT funds electronically.

The way the scam works is that a perpetrator will call a business owner and claim to be an official EBT vendor. That person will then insist that a functions check needs to be performed on a store’s EBT machine in order to ensure it works properly. The caller then instructs a store clerk to enter a series of numbers into the machine followed by a specific dollar amount that varies from call to call. What is really happening is that valid food stamp refunds are actually being issued to various cardholder accounts.

By the time a store owner realizes what has happened, the money in question has already been spent or moved to another account altogether. The accounts being used to perpetrate this fraud may actually be stolen ones, which is why investigators have not yet been able to locate those who are responsible for these acts.

In order to prevent being a victim, store owners should instruct workers not to enter information if prompted to do so by telephone. Those who feel they may have already been a victim of this scam can report relevant information to the Nevada Attorney General or the Nevada Division of Welfare & Supportive Services.