Las Vegas Firearm Charges

Firearms Crimes: Las Vegas

The legal system in Nevada is strict when it comes to firearms. This can be confusing because owning firearms in the state is legal. However, there are also very prohibitive restrictions on how the firearms can be used, carried or displayed. Failure to observe these laws at all times can land you in a courtroom. Without an excellent defense lawyer, you could face the maximum penalties. Potter Law Firm works on behalf of every client in order to achieve the best possible legal outcome. Regardless of the severity of the charges filed against you, there are always options.

The charge of a firearm-related crime is serious and must be handled immediately in order to ensure the best result. Often, this charge does not stand alone, but it is frequently combined with other charges as well.

There are several advantages you gain when using a Potter defense lawyer to represent your interests in court:

• Our collective experience in every legal area
• Aggressive defense tactics aimed at getting cases dismissed
• Relentless negotiation tactics aimed at minimizing all damages

If you are charged with a firearm crime in Las Vegas, you never need to feel that you are alone. Potter Law Firm offers decades of experience in all areas of Nevada law. We can best serve you when we get the facts as soon as possible. The sooner we get to work on your case, the better our position for negotiation. We work tirelessly on your behalf and even offer a case evaluation at no charge. Contact us today.

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