Las Vegas Felony Charges

Felony Charges

Felonies are crimes that are punishable by harsh fines and several years in a state or federal prison. They include the most serious types of offenses. Nevada and several states use a classification system that is similar to the United States Code. This system groups felonies from A to E based upon their severity.

Category A felonies are the most serious offenses. Examples of these crimes in Nevada are first-degree murder, first degree kidnapping and vehicular homicide. The penalties for these offenses range from death to life in prison with a possibility of parole.

Class E felonies in the state include criminal gang recruitment and unlawfully dispensing prescription medications. This felony class carries the lightest felony sentences. Offenses are punishable by one to four years in prison and a fine up to $5,000. The court normally grants probation for this class of offenses, but there are exceptions. If you failed to complete a court-mandated treatment program, such as anger management or domestic violence, you could go to prison.

If you are being charged with a felony, contact our office to speak with a veteran Las Vegas defense attorney. After we analyze all the facts and circumstances, we will advise you on possible defense strategies. We know the local court system and how to get felony charges dropped or reduced.

Our legal team will evaluate police procedures and whether your rights were violated. We have the resources and expertise to build a strong case for our clients.