Las Vegas Embezzlement Attorney

Las Vegas Embezzlement Attorney

Criminal Defense Las Vegas: Embezzlement

There are multiple types of property that can be cited in legal cases that involve a charge of embezzlement. This can be cash, vehicles and other company items of value. Even the charge itself can cause substantial damage to one’s career. It is not enough to be innocent. In a court of law, legal representation is necessary in order to counterbalance one driving force behind many court decisions: efficiency.

In order for the embezzlement charge to be applicable, one of these elements must be present:

• Fraud — The taking of property by specifically defined means.

• Conversion of Property — This involves the fraudulent transfer of property.

• Ownership — Identifying issues of possession and transfer for purposes of establishing the charge of embezzlement.

During legal procedures, the first line of defense is knowledge. Your criminal defense attorney brings this knowledge in the form of extensive training, decades of experience and strategic planning. Premeditation is a serious factor in embezzlement cases. This already predisposes the court to apply harsh penalties during the conviction process.

If there are discrepancies in the case, or if the charges are not properly assigned, the outcome could be more severe than necessary. Other law firms might not contest the charges or even seek to have them dismissed. Even if their fees are cheaper, these firms will cost you more in the long run. The Potter Law firm will work aggressively to make sure that every right afforded to you under the law is applied toward your case.

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