Las Vegas DUI Defense Lawyers Get Lives Back on Track

drink-driving-808790_640Most people are surprised by how tough the penalties for driving under the influence are. However, many drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured and killed as a result of DUIs, making it a primary concern for police and prosecutors.

This makes the authorities vigorously pursue DUI charges every time. Accordingly, you need an aggressive defense from a Las Vegas DUI lawyer like Cal Potter. Police look for many indicators of impaired drivers. These include speeding, driving too slowly, making turns without signaling or driving in the dark without headlights.

People who make unnecessary stops or unusually wide turns or swerving movements may also be liable to be pulled over. Once the police pull you over, they may begin asking some pointed questions. They may also request that you get out of your vehicle to submit to field sobriety tests or to provide a breath sample to determine your blood alcohol content. This is a scary moment for most drivers. They may see their hopes for the future dissolve thanks to one night of celebration.

That’s why you need the help of a Las Vegas DUI attorney from the Potter Law Offices. With their experience and dedication to justice, these lawyers can help put your life back on track.