Las Vegas Drag Racing Charges

How Serious Is Drag Racing in Nevada?

Some Nevada drivers are devoted to their cars. They spend countless hours and thousands of dollars crafting the perfect street rod. It’s natural that they’d want to test their car’s abilities against others.

It may be natural, but unauthorized speed contests and drag racing both violate NRS 484B.653, and the penalties are enough to slow down even the most dedicated speed hound. In fact, you don’t have to actually participate in a drag race to get arrested in Nevada. Even if you simply help to organize the event, you may be subject to arrest. The penalties for participating or planning can include jail time and community service in addition to some fairly hefty fines. Plus, if someone gets injured or dies during the race, you may even be looking at prison.First time charges may just mean a misdemeanor with fines up to $1,000 and plenty of community service. Plus, your car may be impounded for almost two weeks and your license could be suspended for much longer. You may even be looking at a few months in jail.

Charges for subsequent infractions of NRS 484B.653 only means tougher penalties. You deserve a tough Nevada criminal defense lawyer to argue your case if you’ve been accused of drag racing.