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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse that occurs between two people who have a family or household relationship. Examples of illegal acts include punching, shoving, biting and slapping. Derogatory language, threats and unwanted sexual advances can result in domestic violence charges. The law also prohibits bullying behaviors designed to intimidate someone or limit their freedom. The charge can originate from a neighbor who overheard an argument and called the police. There are also instances where the alleged victim attempts to obtain sympathy during custody or divorce proceedings.

The criminal justice system does not take abuse allegations lightly, and you shouldn’t either. It is important that you take the steps necessary to defend yourself. It does not matter whether the incident was a misunderstanding or if the allegations are false. The legal process could prevent you from seeing your children or exercising your custodial rights. There are significant consequences associated with a domestic violence conviction.

If you are convicted, you are subject to imprisonment, substantial fines and other penalties. After you serve your time in jail, you will have to overcome the stigma of being labeled as a batterer. A criminal record makes it very difficult to obtain employment, especially in a competitive job market. Law enforcement is more likely to believe the alleged victim’s account of the incident. You need someone on your side who understands how to wage an effective defense.

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