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If you’ve been charged under code NRS 200.485 for battery domestic violence, you need to secure legal representation right away.

You may be wondering why you need Las Vegas domestic violence lawyers. The alleged victim didn’t suffer any injuries, and the situation has calmed down significantly.

Nonetheless, speaking with a domestic violence lawyer in Las Vegas can’t hurt your situation, and it may help it a great deal. In Nevada, it’s possible to be convicted of battery domestic violence even if the alleged victim did not suffer physical harm. That’s because even an indirect action like punching a car they are sitting in or tugging on their clothing may constitute battery under NRS 200.485. The law says that any unwanted touch may be classified as battery. Accordingly, the victim does not have to exhibit cuts, burns or wounds of any sort.

As you can see, a battery domestic violence charge is serious business. Maybe the prosecutor will decide there isn’t sufficient evidence to go after you or perhaps the alleged victim will drop the charges. While these outcomes are desirable, they certainly aren’t foregone conclusions.

Don’t leave the outcome of your battery domestic violence charges up to chance. Retain a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer.